Realistic Insurance Solutions

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About the Company

Realistic Insurance Solutions is a family-owned-and-operated corporation. We have been in the Medicare industry for more than 25 years. Our team specializes in Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans for clients who are turning 65 years old and Medicare eligible.

Additionally, we conduct meetings that tackle the health insurance choices available to our clients under Medicare. All our programs are ideal for individuals who travel a lot or wish to go to any Medicare-approved doctor in the country.

With us, you can be sure that we’ll guide you through the onboarding process. We’ll also assist and address all your questions or problems about the health care system.

Meet the Founders

William Miller

William held his life and health license in 1955. He began his career as a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, among many awards, as well as working for MassMutual and other corporate giants that sold a lot of life insurance policies over the years.

William was drawn to the Medicare industry and worked under Secure Horizons. Before he passed away in August 2015, he also worked for St. Joseph Affiliated Physicians as a senior consultant. He and his wife, Carmen, began their Medicare 101 meetings under the same company and presented options to Medicare eligibles.

William wrote hundreds of policies under Blue Shield of California and United Health Care. He never talked down to anyone and always made sure that his clients were satisfied and happy.

At present, his wife and daughter are providing services to most of his clients.

Carmen Miller

Carmen has been in the Medicare industry for more than 20 years. She and William worked together and were active in an ambassador program with Secure Horizons (now United Health Care). They also worked under St. Joseph Affiliated Physicians by presenting Medicare 101 meetings.

Carmen and William continue to be honored and respected by many well-known colleagues in the industry.

Upon William’s passing, Carmen and their daughter, Robin, continue to share his true passion for Medicare. They are now working together under Realistic Insurance Solutions to offer health coverage options and education to Medicare-eligible individuals.

Robin Miller

Robin comes from a corporate administrative background in both real estate and financial services. She witnessed her parents’ passion for Medicare and developed a love for the business as well. Robin became licensed in 2014 and made the decision to leave the corporate world behind and continue her father’s legacy.

Robin has worked diligently to bring her father’s business to the next level. She’s serving Medicare eligibles throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County, California.